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It is well known in the trade that Super Spacer a pre-desiccated structural warm Spacer System a North American innovation prevents the cold perimeter bridge caused by the aluminium spacer in older type units.


The Super Spacer referred to as warm edge technology, has little or no effect on the centre of glass U value or insulation, often referred to in the specification of double glazed units.


Super Spacer incorporates a drying agent which absorbs any moisture present in the air or gas in the cavity between the glass. The structural foam nature of the extrusion also enables shaped units, particularly circular shapes to be manufactured, without the use of the bending process necessary for aluminium spacer.


Every window is a thermal bridge and it is important to select materials with less conductivity.


The construction of Slimlite Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units with Super Spacer ensures that there is no cold perimeter bridge and has little or no effect on the centre of pane U values or insulation properties of Slimlite Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units. However the perimeter insulation value can be affected by the perimeter conductivity of window frame materials particularly metal or aluminium with a thermal conduction rate of 0.4 w/mk. One of the best window frame materials with a very low thermal conductive rate is timber, around 0.16.


For this reason Super Spacer edge technology is now becoming more extensively used in the UK manufacture of Double Glazed Units and has the important effect of ensuring that there is no significant temperature differential from centre to edge of unit.


It is generally accepted that warm edge spacer when used in Slimlite construction will ensure that the difference in insultaion between the centre and edge of the unit is almost nil.