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Slimlite Ultra Clear and Slimlite Standard Self Cleaning Units the original patent innovators of the very slim double glazed units with the unique small perimeter seal of only 5mm suitable for existing or new windows, have now introduced new innovative nanoscale technology to Slimlite for the external glass pane, and is more scratch resistant than standard glass, and also provides an incredible Self Cleaning Action.

Whilst the self cleaning nanostructure coating has dust resistant properties, when there are long periods of dry weather with some atmospheric contamination the glass can be easily cleaned with the application of water or where bird dropping are a problem warm water and detergent.

Please note that any chemical or corrosive cleaner should not be used on the nanostructure self cleaning coating surface, as visual damage may occur and will invalidate our guarantee.

This self cleaning action can be seen on a Lotus Leaf and is referred to as the 'lotus effect' with very high water repellence referred to as Hydrophobicity (Self Cleaning Action). The surface of the lotus leaf is not flat but consists of closely formed microscopic projections providing a variety of very different surfaces.




This microscopic uneven surface prevents a drop of rain from spreading out to wet the surface and forces it to form a spherical ball or globule of water which will run off at any angle taking away any dirt particles, providing a self cleaning action.

Float Glass or any glass for glazing purposes is not microscopically flat but very uneven or rough.